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2012-04-28 14:16:17 by Sam

I tested a game, so therefore you should play it.

Nice one.

I joined a gang

2011-06-02 05:46:08 by Sam

I'm part of Nobody Home, a hardcore development gang

You should check us out.

Username change

2010-02-18 16:39:14 by Sam

Got tha username change, cheers Citricsquid and Tom ;)

Merry Christmas

2009-12-24 22:58:12 by Sam

Merry Christmas everyone, have a good one. <3

Amblik 2

2009-11-24 16:52:26 by Sam

Finally finished. It's average ;)



2009-10-18 16:38:31 by Sam

├ůmblik 2 anyone? Or maybe another zombie shoot em up survival game?

Or.. a platformer?

Fuck knows, nothing ever gets finished anyway. I got some art if a programmer is interested <3

I'm on Shrooms!

2009-06-10 14:56:30 by Sam

It's a bit shit but I got an A in IT soo, ;)


2009-06-02 12:29:15 by Sam


Oh shit

2009-05-16 12:05:26 by Sam

Fuck me, the power of 3 shit looks badass.

Also I love Luis.


2009-05-05 19:25:01 by Sam

I need to get rid of all my shit flashes.
I'll be left with 1 (:

On an up note, i have some spare art a special little coder might be using ;)

But it probably wont work out :'( Like all my bffl's.