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2009-02-01 17:03:33 by Sam

yeah i know i post sutff about me working on games and they never come out.


Me and Fraxx, one again are working on a game. I dont wanna give to much away cause its still in early development.

I made a song for it D:


2008-10-29 14:32:12 by Sam

Yeah gunna be fucking awesome :)

On the subject, me and a good friend Ryan are working on a game. Not going to give too much away and I have a feeling it wont be done by halloween :P

Still, it'll be awesome.

Has the fun, yeeeazz?

New game!

2008-07-11 20:11:15 by Sam

Been working on a new game with Fraxx, the queer basher.

Anyway - it's pretty badass at the moment. You play as a top Agent, only known as:


You control him through office blocks, collecting important files.


:) <3

Game Screenie

2008-02-08 20:07:20 by Sam

So me and Cecemel have been working on a pretty sweet looking game right now. Graphics are cartoony n shiz but its going strong ;D

And all you get is a quick screenie which is bad quality

The storylines pretty cheesy but i guess gameplay + graphics make up for most of it (boastboastboast)

Cecemels doing a great job on the coding - and yes - the enemies are pieces of butter :)

Game Screenie

Sup People

2007-10-06 09:29:01 by Sam

Second ;D

Haha, Awesome = first post got 3 comments ;D
Anyway - I havent touched flash in ages, nor my Tablet. But ima starting up again! It feels weird using the tablet, but meh.

Contact me if you want anything: Saza066(at)googlemail(dot)com

Viruses and crap on my PC
Not able to get a Laptop when wanted
School ;D

Just found out the Angreh Faic Easter egg :D
Getting back into Flash
Wiimote Cases, ordered 3
3 comments on my last post ;D



2007-07-23 10:24:24 by Sam

Woot, first post.

I doubt many people will read this but whatever :P

I'm a flash artist, and do FBF animation. Im not amazing, but I like to think im pretty good. My games dont show much of my good work, as I put alot more detail into static images. Meh, everytime i update, i'll be changing my likes and dislikes that week/month etc.

Contact me if you want anything

This Harry Potter craze! I've always disliked Harry Potter.
Being bored, alot.
Needing a Sandwhich.
Need some inspriation.
Ulsa >:(
Cant use image codes >:(

Redesign! <3
New room.
Fwiends <3
Learning.. more code?


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